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G12-R (MSRP:$2,099)



           The G12 is the one that fits best for your children. It’s the one that’s the most safe and fun, for children, to ride. When they ride a Greenger, it’s not about how great the bikes are. It’s about what makes a child happy and what Greenger brings to your family.

G12-S (MSRP: $2,199)



      The G12 comes with the best components to maximize the performance. It's a best bike for children who are trying to get into the "Dirt world".


2019 New look

                                  What do you think about the 2019 Greenger G12-S?


The Greenger powertrain delivers more torque than the most electric dirt bike in production today. Seamless, Silent and Mass of Torque. Maximum torque and power are available without restriction – if you have the skill to control it. Thermal limiting will protect the machine if you push too hard.

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