Why Greenger ?

About Us

Who We Are


         Greenger Motors is the next generation in motorcycle industry. We combining all the best components and most advanced technologies to create a different motorcycle world for people. Greenger produces reliable electric motorcycles that are safe, enjoyable, fast and fun to ride. Greenger owns the patent of battery, motor and controller.  Greenger owned over 20 technical patents to support the brand. Also,  Greenger is creating more technical patents and will be available in the market soon.


      Greenger is trying to tell parents that they need to stay with their children. The most important thing for people to get a Greenger isn’t just some advanced technologies  and components – it’s family. 


The Mission

Our mission is bring happiness to families  without worrying about safety problems, because everyone loves to have fun with their family.

We Love What We Are Doing

The reason why we love doing this business is because we got lots of feedback that is telling us buyers are so happy after they got a Greenger. We feel proud of it.